Tonight my girlfriend Brandy has put together a fantastic show tonight to benefit my father. Recently he had a stroke and Brandy is raising money to help with their medical bills.

Update on my father is; they had to move him back to the critical care unit at the hospital because he caught pneumonia. We think that they caught it early enough that he will beat it. Hopefully soon he can get back to the rehabilitation center and continue his come back.

Friday the 11th, today, starting at 8pm at Vela Lounge, located in the basement of the Labor Temple at 2800 1st Ave, Seattle, we will bring you jazz, burlesque and some of the best DJ’s Seattle has to offer.

DJ Martini
Christina Childs
Aron Shoppert

Beginning at 9:15 the Jazz Collective Monktail will be laying down the Jazz to get your body moving.

The Gorgeous Mimi Montgomery will give us a peek at her naughty secrets with her amazing burlesque performance.

Your contribution to the benefit is a $10 dollar cover at the door. We thank you in advance for your support. I will be showing all of my work and selling it for a fraction of the price. There will be suggested prices on the work, sketches starting at $5, paintings starting at $50. But you can make any offer, i want to move everything I have. Time to clean house and help support my family. Thank You

Jay Mason


Just a note.

October 29, 2010

I apologize for these posts being out of order like they are. It has been difficult for me to find time to sit down at the computer and make these updates. Hopefully after this weekend I will be able to catch up and make this site current. Talk at you soon.

The Labor Temple Bar is now in its remodeling stage. Woody and the boys are working hard to try to get everything ready by Friday when they are going to reopen with the 1st stage of their new look. They are getting the ceilings prepped for me to get going on the 11 panels I am about to paint. Everyday my excitement level goes up.

So to try to catch up again today to make this blog current I will continue where I left off, research. I have gone through a lot of labor union history at this point, and I will tell you that at this time I was having a hard time pulling my focus off of Labor Unions switching it over to Secret Societies. I was having Labor Union overload. This is where Joseph comes in as my research assistant. Joseph has long been interest in so called conspiracy theories and secret societies, I knew that he was going to point me in the right direction.

Joseph begins to let me in on the secrets of the world by sending a file folder titled: relevant info. Within this folder I find several PDF files, books on alchemy, sacred geometry, the history of secret societies dating back 20,000 B.C., and initiation booklets into the Rosecrutions and the Free Masons. On top of that he sent me images and symbols used in different secret societies and labor.

So I begin to sift thought the information that I just received. It was a touch over my head at first, but as I dug I started to discover different groups such as the Free Masons, the Priory of Sion, the Rosecrutions, Rennes la Chateau, Skull and Bones, the Templar Knights and the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt and before, as well as the Commission on Foreign Affairs and the Builderberg Group. What I found is that there are a great deal of similarities between these groups and some of the more current groups could possibly be old societies with new names. They all seem to have their secrets but what could be is the secrets they hold could be collectively different parts of a larger secret. This I can not tell you with my knowledge, but it is obvious to me that they all have crossed paths in the past and speak of similar secrets to the knowledge of the worlds mysteries.

Black and White checker boards, compass, squares, the cross, the all seeing eye, the flower of life, the tree of life, the eagle, stars 6 of 7, the earth, the moon, man, woman, the rose, the arch, the pillars of knowledge, the phoenix, a plum, skulls, bones, a coffin, a pentagram, the scales, the torch, a lion, a bull, snakes wrapped around a blade and so on are all symbols that litter the broad spectrum of these groups. Plenty for me to decipher and to work into my sketches. To much I might say, but on the scale of this project the perfect amount of symbols to help me fill the spaces I need to fill. Next up this busy bee starts sketching.

Today i start my new blog.

October 26, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Jay Mason Art Blog on WordPress. This being my first post, I encourage you to check back frequently. Also I will apologize in advance for run on sentences, poor grammar, bad spelling and overall poor knowledge in the english language.

My objective with this blog is to keep you all up to date on the goings on of my art and art projects. As well as marketing future exhibitions and new projects. As well as open up a forum for discussion on fine art. Feel free to comment on anything you would like, as well as email me for more information about Jay Mason Art.