Jay Mason is an artist currently residing in Seattle Washington at the TK Artist Lofts in Pioneer Square. Jay is a mostly self-taught artist whose works consist of portraits, cityscapes, famous musicians and more. Jay grew up near South Bend, IN where he worked for his father at Tom Mason Printing Co.

Painting and drawing came to Jay naturally. He always found himself interested in drawing what he saw, his classmates, the teacher or what was outside the window. Though this did get him into trouble from time to time, he had a relentless passion to make his work better, even at such a young age.

In high school he changed his focused career to Architecture, he enjoyed creating the design of large-scale structures. As he moved into his college years he decided to go the Milwaukee School of Engineering and study Architectural Engineering.

This was fine for about a semester of school, when he found out that it was not as creative a field as he wanted. Letting his grades slip and his focus changing back to art, he decided to move back home and work for his father again at the Print Shop. He enrolled into Indiana University of South Bend continuing his studies as well as working for his father. During that first year he took a drawing class that rekindled his passion for art.

In 1996 Jay decided that a change of scenery was in order and began planning a move to Seattle, Washington. His focus and determination was to become an artist with the hopes that his work would get noticed. It took a few years for Jay to fine tune his craft, but soon enough a style all his own began to emerge.

In 1999, Jay moved to Amsterdam, Holland and began to study independently by painting and drawing the things he saw and the people he met. He spent a lot of time traveling around Europe to see as many works by the masters as he could. He spent a lot of time going to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum while in Amsterdam. Also traveling around to London to see the Tate Museum and the National portrait Gallery of London. Then to Paris to see the Louvre and Museum de Orsay. And finally to Prague to see the National Museum of the Czech Republic.

As he studied the works of the great masters of the past he began to develop his own style with particular influence coming from the Impressionist movement. In mid 2000 he traveled back to Seattle where he picked up a drawing and painting class at Seattle Central Community College. During that time he learned the fundamentals of the materials he was using and shortly after moved into a studio at 619 Western Avenue, an artist building in Pioneer Square.

Jay was a resident at the 619 Building for about 5 years where he now found the freedom to explore his art in new ways. He began to paint larger format pieces with brighter and bigger brush strokes. The 619 Building was a great launching pad for his work. He was now able to show his work to the public monthly during the 1st Thursday Art Walk. Pretty soon there was interest in his work and he began exhibiting at local galleries, coffee shops and lounges. Jay’s art began to sell regularly and his work improved over those years.

In late 2004 early 2005, he jumped on an opportunity to move in  to the TK Artist Lofts in Pioneer Square, where he was able to live and work on his art. This gave him more time to focus his passion for creating paintings. Jay currently resides there and is making works of art when he can. You can see some of his work here on WordPress or jaymasonart.com.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Kari Myers said

    Very exciting work! You have had such a wonderful journey so far while you explore your craft. Many creative talents came out of Penn.

    You would love the small art scene Michele (Michele Anderson) has helped to create here in this small coastal town. I of course dabble in local playhouse. Not too bad for a tiny town. Although, sometimes I do miss the beauty of Chicago’s skyline.

    Good job…

  2. Capturing Light said

    Hi Jay
    I am really lovin’ your masthead photograph. The painted hands.
    Good to be connected to your WP site. Here’s a short link to what I’m doing.
    This is an abstract series that emerged while I was photographing my 365: One Year of Images Taken only with a Smart Phone. project [which i should be posting this weekend. finally all edited and ready to show.]

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