Labor Temple Update – I finished the Last Supper and… Introducing The Flower of Life

December 11, 2010

Since the last time I spoke at you I had become very busy at the Day Job, the Print Shop, and had to take a little time to focus my energy over there. Thursday I was able to make it back to the Labor Temple and finish off the rest of the Last Supper panel. There are a few issues that I can fix when I start painting. All in all it filled out the space very nicely.

You might not remember, but before I said that there were only 11 panels that I would be creating. It so happens that one of those panels is in an L shape. So I decided it best to make this panel into 2. I did a sketch before for this panel but was never happy with it. I tried to create a domed ceiling with the Flower of Life as the central focus, but my perspective was wrong and needed to try again.

The Flower of Life is a geometric series of concentric circles that from a flower like form. When using the points of intersections within the flower you are able to create every shape known to man. Or at least that is how I understood it.

The new design turned out very well and is probably one of my favorites to date. As soon as I finish the new sketch on paper I will scan it so you can see and compare it to the one I did before. I only drew half of it and just flipped the projection to complete the piece. I love it.


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