I spent Saturday working on the Last Supper panel. I waS unable to complete it, but it is coming along very well. The perspective is working out very well and the characters around the table are coming to life now. I hope to get back over there soon to finish it up.

The project is moving along nicely. I was hoping to be done with the line outs by Thanksgiving, but that is not going to happen. Let’s just hope that I am done by Christmas.


After a bit of trouble I was able to knock out the Rosy Cross yesterday.  If you remember from an earlier post, I had a difficult time centering this the first time I did it.  I worked out the problem and it looks good now.  The depth that I am hoping to achieve should make the rose jump off of the ceiling,  we shall see.  This panel is definitely one of my favorites,  the characters that surround the rose will be a lot of fun to paint.  The Bull, the Lion, the Man and the Eagle all will hopefully jump off of the ceiling as well, again we shall see.  I am really having a hard time deciding on a good color scheme for this one.  Overall the different panels are to look very similar in their color scheme, a sepia tone that is prominent with washes of color where needed.  But I already know that my heavy hand with color is going to creep in.  It worries a little but especially with this one. 

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I have now found my groove and with Marc helping me now things are going a bit quicker. We were able to get the Death to Scabs, The Lynching of Wesley Everest and the Sub Rosa South Entrance completed. They all turned out pretty well. I was also able to change the La Sanch Monk to a not so confusing or politically incorrect character, I actually think he looks a bit more menacing. I am starting to get a little anxious to get painting, because I still have no idea how they are all going turn out. The Wesley Everest piece is really dependent on the color choices. It is going to look like a beautiful moon lit landscape with the bridge. The charcoal really doesn’t give it much depth. Same with the Scab piece, it needs depth. But I did promise myself that I would not get carried away and jump the gun on the steps, get them all drawn first, then paint.

Labor Temple project update.

November 11, 2010

I got a lot done today at the Labor Temple, but I made some mistakes last sunday. I tried to do the Rosy Cross without the grid and for some reason it did not line up. It ended up way out of center and very distorted. So now I have to prime the ceiling and start over. It kind of sucks, but easy enough.

I was able to get out 2 panels today, the Death to Scabs and the south entrance Rose. Both turned out well, except that I did get some negative reaction to the La Sanch Monk. the guy with the pointy hat. So now I think I may have to change it. I guess it goes to show that in America that robe and hood takes the mind one place. It not that big of a deal to change it. So we shall see. Here are some pics that Joe took today.

This sketch is the preliminary sketch that will be over the bar at the Labor Temple.  I thought originally that it would be a kind of temple or universe to suggest the ultimate knowledge, a sort of understanding of the secrets of the universe and the pinnacle of the overall work that I was doing at the Labor Temple.  The sketch is actually 2 drawings from unknown artists put together to make 2/3 of the piece.  The left you see a man crossing over a threshold into another dimension, he has realized the secrets of the universe and has the knowledge to travel in and out of this other dimension.  The center comes from an old etching that Joe found for me, I am using it as a representation of the secret itself, then the right is of my design giving the world a bit of a more current feel, with the city in the back ground, a Boeing 747 flying over head and a man looking off onto what he has accomplished.  I like how this piece turned out a lot, it is going to also take me the longest to do because of the amount of detail there is.

When I sat down to come up with ideas for the individual panels they were very labor heavy ideas.  I needed to get more crazy secret society with it, so I asked for help by asking Joe and Marc what they thought.  Marc came up with a brilliant idea.  He told me that it would be cool if one of the panels were looking down on a dinner party of men doing shady deals.  It a bit to get the perspective down, but once I decided to draw in the entire room instead of just a table of men, I could see it clearly.  So there it is my Last Supper for those poor fools.  This is the darkest of all the panels, but I think it is a necessity.

Sketched out the Everett Massacre today.  One panel in a day…  Makes me happy...  I think I have my speed down now.  It no longer seems like a project to big to tackle.  Today I met with Marc Tweed, who is a very talented artist I have asked to help me with the paintings.  Marc’s work can be seen all over the city but we all like instant gratification.  http://www.marctweed.com I am really looking forward to working with Marc, we are going to teach each other so much.  I gave him a quick orientation today and his son Henry was with him.  He had a blast running around and told us that he would sit there and watch and tell us if we are doing a good job.  Going to have to put him on the payroll.

Though they have not changed their name officially, the Labor Temple Bar, currently Vela are now open for business.

2800 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 89121

Mon. thru Fri. 11am to 2am, Sat. 9pm to 2am

Come on down and have a cocktail, check out the progress of the ceiling and you can see me down there on Thursday’s all day.  Here is more of what I did today.

See you later.


Here is the King Street Station Clock Tower. 6 minutes to midnight or so.

Here is the King Street Station Clock Tower. 6 minutes to midnight or so.

I have now worked out a schedule with the Print Shop (Security Press), my day job, that I will begin working 4 – 10 hour days. That gives me Thursdays to devote all of my time down at the Labor Temple. Today I worked on the North Entrance, trying to finish up the preliminary sketch. I am really close, I can definitely move on to a different section now.Here are some detailed pictures.

The Labor side, men building an endless wall as you enter in to the bar. shuting out industry.

The Labor side, men building an endless wall as you enter in to the bar. shutting out industry.

The Pillars of Knowledge are holding up the a pyramid under the all-seeing eye.

The Pillars of Knowledge are holding up the a pyramid under the all-seeing eye.

The Striker becomes Initiated into the brotherhood with the gift of the rose.

The Striker becomes Initiated into the brotherhood with the gift of the rose.

I need a name for the boat. DORIK VICTORY. the was the last boat down by Elliott Bay Park.

I need a name for the boat. DORIK VICTORY. the was the last boat down by Elliott Bay Park.

The Rosy Cross comes from all sorts of religions and secret societies.  Depending on which one you are talking about, its meanings are very different.  The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis suggests that the cross represents the human body and the rose represents the person’s consciousness.  It has also been suggested that the rose represents silence while the cross signifies “salvation, to which the Society of the Rose-Cross devoted itself by teaching mankind the love of God and the beauty of brotherhood.”  Also the fundamental symbols of the Rosicrucians were the rose and the cross; the rose female and the cross male.

The thought process of this piece started with my birthday. Joe gave me a Diego Rivera book and wrote in it:

“Happy Birthday JAY!  I hope this will inspire you to create a masterpiece!  All My Love, Joseph 2012.”

I knew some of Diego’s work, but after flipping through this book’s pages I was astounded by his detail and story telling.  The amount of research and the use of his own political views in his pieces helped to drive me to find out as much as I could about the themes presented to me.  His Fresco – The Liberated Earth with Natural Forces Controlled by Man struck me with its painted dividers that sectioned out the arch of the chapel.  I wanted to achieve these divisions with filling the sections with symbols, but what that symbolism was going to be was escaping me.  It was a couple of days later that I ran into my neighbor Steven.  I’m looking where ever I can to get information, so of course while waiting for the elevator I asked him what he knew about secret societies.  We started talking symbols… and roses… and crosses…, then he  said to me, “Wait here.”  He ran to his apartment and came back with a partial deck of the Gerd Ziegler – TAROT and the Mirror of the Soul Handbook for the Aleister Crowley Tarot.  The images on the cards were fantastic, tons of serpents, the Egyptian God Horus, etc. And he had the book that explained it all.  Steven was saying that the Rose and the Cross stood for Sex Magick or Crowley’s notion that the Rose Cross is the symbol of the Great Work and he makes clear that this process of uniting subject and object is reflected in the sexual act. Through the sexual act you achieve the 3rd consciousness which is ecstasy and death; as below, so above. Something like that.

I knew now I wanted to do.  A giant 5 petal rose resting on a cross, this will create sections I will fill with different symbols. The Cross sections have the double-headed white eagle symbolizes the transformation which arises through the unification of the diverse aspects of your being.  The 2 Serpents wrapped around a blade are an ancient Egyptian symbol for healing and regeneration, the shedding of ones skin to become renewed.  The wheat and dates represent the fruits of labor.  And for the other sections outside of the cross, I inserted the 4 cherubim in the corners. Taurus the bull, which is symbolic of Earth, matter and the physical. Leo, the Lion, represents the element fire, the capacity for intuition, willpower, and dynamism. The person represents the element air and the mental-spiritual plane.  The Eagle represents the highest transformation, is connected with the element water and the realm of emotions.  Each of the 4 cherubim blow the all-pervading spirit in all four directions.  This is good I think.

I might put the eye of Horus in the middle of it all.  We shall see.

Sub Rosa South Entrance

Sub Rosa or Under the Rose was originally the new name of the bar, since then it has changed to Labor Temple Bar, which is fine with me because I do not really need to change my theme at all.  This piece is oriented such that the left of the panel with the skeleton is at the exit and a La Sanch monk (the Blood, a religious group that holds a silent procession on Good Friday in France) over the entrance.  My thoughts were that when you walked in a monk would greet you, and when you left you would see the skeleton with its figure over its mouth, telling you to keep quiet about what you heard within these walls.  And the rose in the center is a reminder of where you are.  All of the roses I have sketched as a symbol have been mostly the 5 petal rose or the Forget me not.  I wanted to do a 3 dimensional rose that looked as if it were growing out of the ceiling.  It turned out pretty good in the sketch, we shall see how it turns out when I paint it.   And if you were wondering the monk is not a part of the KKK.  So don’t get it twisted, but I would like for people to think for a second about humanity when they see it.  People tend to get confused when they see images like this because they think back to what they know.  There are other cultures out there as well as past civilizations that had different meanings for their attire and symbols.