I haven’t posted anything for a while about my Labor Temple project because there has been nothing to report. I have been on hold for the last 6 months or so because the renters at the bar were unable to drum up any business.

Now I have found out that they have been evicted, never to return. Sad to say that the people who originally hired me will no longer be there. Which leaves me in limbo with the project that is almost a 3rd of the way complete.

I left a message with the Labor Temple Association yesterday to ask about painting the work over. To my surprise they showed a slight interest in the project being seen through. But no definite answers because they are in limbo as well until they get a new tenant to take over the space. And then I would need for the new tenant to want to take on the project as well.

So if anyone in Seattle is looking for a new restaurant space and loves art that depicts Labor Unions and Secret Societies please go and ask at the Labor Temple Association.

I will keep you all posted on the outcome of this situation that I hope turns in the favor of art.



Photo by Invisible Hour



Secret Society Wednesdays at The Syndicate (formerly Vela) got a write-up in the Stranger this week.  Come down and check us out on Wednesdays,  as soon as I get back from Indiana to visit my father I will be getting back to work on the mural project.  I am really looking forward to starting to paint.  talk to you soon.

On a side note, I wanted to thank everyone who came out to my father’s benefit.  It was a great success. Thank You.

Tonight my girlfriend Brandy has put together a fantastic show tonight to benefit my father. Recently he had a stroke and Brandy is raising money to help with their medical bills.

Update on my father is; they had to move him back to the critical care unit at the hospital because he caught pneumonia. We think that they caught it early enough that he will beat it. Hopefully soon he can get back to the rehabilitation center and continue his come back.

Friday the 11th, today, starting at 8pm at Vela Lounge, located in the basement of the Labor Temple at 2800 1st Ave, Seattle, we will bring you jazz, burlesque and some of the best DJ’s Seattle has to offer.

DJ Martini
Christina Childs
Aron Shoppert

Beginning at 9:15 the Jazz Collective Monktail will be laying down the Jazz to get your body moving.

The Gorgeous Mimi Montgomery will give us a peek at her naughty secrets with her amazing burlesque performance.

Your contribution to the benefit is a $10 dollar cover at the door. We thank you in advance for your support. I will be showing all of my work and selling it for a fraction of the price. There will be suggested prices on the work, sketches starting at $5, paintings starting at $50. But you can make any offer, i want to move everything I have. Time to clean house and help support my family. Thank You

Jay Mason

Labor Temple Project Update

February 2, 2011

Hi all, I just wanted to send out a little update with my project here at the Labor Temple since I haven’t posted anything lately. I have been unable to make the time to make any real progress with the paintings. Things in my personal and professional life have gone into overdrive. Good news is I have been very productive, the bad news is the Labor Temple Project hasn’t moved forward much. I will be back at it soon enough.

About a week ago my father suffered a pretty serious stroke. He has graduated out of the ICU and has moved into a rehabilitation center. That is the good news. The bad news is he could be there for a while. My amazing girlfriend Brandy has put together a fund-raiser to try to help my family pay for the overwhelming medical bills that are beginning to pile up. Those of you who are on Facebook have probably seen the Event Invitation for the party at Vela. We have some amazing music lined up for the night including:

Hanssen (Bob Hansen)
Aron Shoppart
DJ Martini
Jazz Trio Monktail.

Also the Gorgeous Mimi Montgomery will be stripping off her layers of unmentionables for my father benefit as well. You won’t want to miss that. Your eyes will not be the only thing popping out of your body.

And if the entertainment was not enough, I will be selling my entire collection of artwork at discounted rates. If you have always wanted a piece of mine in your home, now is your chance.

Vela is located at 2800 1st Ave, Seattle.

$10 at the door. All proceeds will go to the Mason family to help support them in this difficult time.

Party begins at 8pm. But come down early if you are looking for art. It will go fast.


Jay Mason

Last weeks launch of Secret Society at Vela was a great success.  Here are some great pictures from the amazing Photographer Invisible Hour.  Check them out at this link.


Come check out tomorrows Secret Society with the Somatadors and special dance performance by Finn von Claret.  Starts at 8pm and is always free.

Vela Lounge 2800 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Thank you all for coming out to preview the Labor Temple Project progress.  So many of you had such nice things to say about the work and The Somatadors brought their  new Wednesday Ambient night, “Secret Society” to Vela and gained some new initiates to the family.  For those of you who could not make it, it is alright, I am still a long way away from completing the project and Secret Society is a weekly event.  Every week I will be plugging along with the mural so there will always be something new to see.

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Labor Temple Project

January 4, 2011

I went down to the Labor Temple this weekend and tried to tighten some of ceiling sketches before this Wednesdays progress preview. I was also able to start a little bit of the panel above the bar. You will have to come down on wednesday to see how that is coming.

Speaking of Wednesday January 5th, I was down there last night framing up the sketches and listened to Joe and Marc while they did a sound check. I knew that these two were talented, but I was really blown away by how good they sounded. If I could describe it I would tell you that an out of body experience would just be the begin of you experience listening to them. It is wacky and weird, hard and soft, black and white, you get the point. Basically, not to be missed.

We will kick off the festivities around 7pm but feel free to come down whenever you want. The drinks are good.

Vela Pizzeria (soon to be The Local)
2800 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
7pm to Close

Hope to see you all there.

Jay Mason

Now that the Holiday Season is almost over, I can get back to work and continue the ceiling mural at Vela.

I am very excited to tell you about a new night that will begin January 5th, Secret Society, a weekly ambient night put on by the very talented Marc Tweed and Joseph Zar. Live music, art and drink specials.

January 5th I will be showcasing the sketches for the Labor Temple Project as well as the progress so far on the ceiling. Marc and Joe will be performing live music all night.

Vela (The Labor Temple Bar)
2800 1st Avenue, Seattle

January 5th
7pm to 2am

Since the last time I spoke at you I had become very busy at the Day Job, the Print Shop, and had to take a little time to focus my energy over there. Thursday I was able to make it back to the Labor Temple and finish off the rest of the Last Supper panel. There are a few issues that I can fix when I start painting. All in all it filled out the space very nicely.

You might not remember, but before I said that there were only 11 panels that I would be creating. It so happens that one of those panels is in an L shape. So I decided it best to make this panel into 2. I did a sketch before for this panel but was never happy with it. I tried to create a domed ceiling with the Flower of Life as the central focus, but my perspective was wrong and needed to try again.

The Flower of Life is a geometric series of concentric circles that from a flower like form. When using the points of intersections within the flower you are able to create every shape known to man. Or at least that is how I understood it.

The new design turned out very well and is probably one of my favorites to date. As soon as I finish the new sketch on paper I will scan it so you can see and compare it to the one I did before. I only drew half of it and just flipped the projection to complete the piece. I love it.

I know that it has been a minute since my last post, but here I am now letting you know that I have been unable to work on the project for a week or so now. The Print Shop is in full swing with our busy season and I haven’t had any time to make it down there. Starting next week, hopefully next Thursday I will be back in action and the posts will start up again to keep you all informed on the progression. Thanks for checking it out and I hope that some of you will share this with your friends and get the word out. Talk at you soon.